My First Etsy Purchase!

Like many things, I've heard of Etsy before but hadn't made a purchase or even looked at it much.  Once I started watching YouTube videos about planners and planning it got me curious.  Everyone used stickers to decorate their planner.  While I love planners, I've never really decorated one.  This year I decided to make my own planner (see the post here) because I couldn't find exactly what I wanted that was also in my price range.  

I then went on a hunt for the perfect, not too expensive, washi tape and stickers.  This was not as easy as I expected it would be.  Unfortunately, either planner decorating is not as popular as I thought or just not in my area.  It was really hard to find things.  I found some washi tape at Michael's and I can use the 40% off coupons they have every week.  Stickers were a little harder, partly because I wasn't really looking for cutesy stickers.  I wanted more square or rectangle ones that I could use for my dates or to highlight a certain event or appointment.  

Happily a Housewife, one of my favorite YouTubers. had mentioned a few of her favorite places to get stickers on Etsy.  A few others that I came across on YouTube also buy their stickers on Esty so I figured it was a good place to go. I started searching for the type of stickers I wanted and came across PinkGlitteredCoffee.  They had pretty much exactly what I was looking for.  I purchased some small rectangle ones, some box shape ones that came with small rectangles too, and some payday & trashday stickers.  I paid $15 for everything which didn't seem bad at all.  

I received a note that night from the seller and confirmation the next morning that my order had shipped!  It was shipped via USPS so it took longer than I would have liked but still came quite quickly.  I might have been a little anxious since it was my first order and items for my planner.  I love getting packages in the mail!  I love getting pretty much anything except bills.  HA!  

I've used a few of the stickers and so far am very happy with them.  She sent some samples with the order, which is nice, so I can try those out and see if I want to purchase them.  She also sent a coupon for free shipping on my next order (it does expire though).  Overall I am very happy with my first purchase and can't wait to do some more shopping!

What kind of finds have you made on Etsy?  Is there a certain shop you love to go to?  If you purchase stickers for your planner, what shop do you love?

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