YouTube - I can't stop watching

I know that YouTube has been around for a while, I'm not totally out of it.  I have watched videos on there before, mostly ones that were attached to a news article or showed up in my Facebook feed.  

Well, when my subscription box addiction started I found out how deep YouTube is!  I know, I know, those of you that have been regular watchers on there or vloggers, etc., think that I'm crazy!  For some reason I really had no idea.  Sad, but true.  

Now I have channels I subscribe to and videos I watch on a regular basis.  I like watching reviews of beauty products so it gives me a better idea of what I might want to try without spending the money.  I also watch subscription box openings, even though I pretty much know what is in them or can't afford the box.  I've been watching some meal planning/organizing/planning type videos as well.  

I don't want to subscribe to too many channels but I do enjoy watching them and do occasionally look for more.  I've listed some of my favorite channels below with links.  If there are any you really like let me know!

Jen Luv's Reviews
Jessica Murphy (jambeauty89)
Vad is Rad
Andréa Matillano
Makeup Geek

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