Birchbox - March 2015

My Birchbox was the first to arrive this month.  I always feel like Christmas when I get something fun in the mail and beauty/makeup items are definitely my favorite.  This month I received a few more non-makeup items which I appreciate but would rather get actual makeup.  That's the choice you make when getting a subscription service of course.  So far I've only had one item I will never use and ended up giving it away so I'd say that's a pretty good percentage.  

Birchbox is a monthly subscription service for $10 and they send 4-5 deluxe sample to full size items.  If you sign up for a full year you will get one box free.  Keep an eye on My Subscription Addition for possible additional coupons or freebies.

Here's what came in my March Birchbox and my first impressions.

amika Bombshell Blowout Spray 1oz
This is not the first time I've gotten an amika product in a subscription box and I'm not complaining.  Luckily I have also never gotten the same item twice.  I absolutely love the hair mask.  I'm really anxious to use this and see how it works.  I rarely use anything like this so a sample to try is really nice.  This is to be applied before blow drying for texture, lift and heat protection. I'm not sure what makes this different from the volume spray though.  A full size of this retails for $24 or you can get a 2oz on Birchbox for $9.

Elite Therapeutics Rosemary Eucalyptus Body Crème .5oz
More lotions...I've gotten quite a few in sub boxes.  It's nice because they are small so you can try them and/or throw them in your purse, car or desk.  But I also have lotions I already love so it might take me a while to get through them all.  Now, remember when I said there was only one item that I would never use?  Well, the smell of this lotion is just like that lotion, not quite as strong but not my favorite.  Which means more than likely I will be giving this one away as well.  A full size of this lotion is $19.

Mèreadesso® Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer .2oz
This product intrigues me.  It's hyped as a one-step formula that is antiaging cream, foundation, serum, toner and primer.  Hmmm, can anything do all that?  There's not much in the package so that's a little discouraging but maybe it's one of those products that doesn't take much and lasts a while.  My husband asked why it was tinted so I got to give him a little lesson on that.  The full size of this product is $48.  Birchbox has travels sizes and if you spend $35+ you will get a free Tinted Lip Treat.

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Perfect Kiss .05oz
This lip crayon is super pretty, in my opinion.  It's hard color to explain, kind of a bright, deep pink with gold flecks that could give it an orange tint in the right light.  The packaging is cute and it's also a retractable crayon and I'm a sucker for twist-up type things.  I'm excited to get this but I really hope the color lasts longer than the last Mirenesse product I received.  That one wipe away any time you touch it.  You can also use this on your cheeks but I'm not sure how much it would shine with the flecks that are in it.  This is $22 for a full size.

Number 4™ Clarifying Shampoo 1oz and Reconstructing Masque .25oz

I feel like I've been getting a lot of hair products in my boxes, three out of six in this box were for the hair.  I'm not complaining but I can only use so many products at one time.  The shampoo smells clean, almost salon like.  The masque is in a foil packet so I won't be opening that until I'm ready to use it.  I'm not sure what's new to say about shampoo.  This is 100% vegan, gluten, sulfate and paraben free so that's a bonus. I've never heard of this brand before so I'm anxious to try something new.  The full size shampoo is $32-$72 and the masque is $58.

What did you get  in your March Birchbox?  What is your favorite?  Anything you don't like?  This one isn't a fascinating one for me but as always I'm satisfied with what I got and think it was worth the $10.

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