Life Ramblings, Episode 1

I talk to myself, mostly in my head, constantly.  I might be making a mental list.  I might be asking life challenging questions (um, probably not).  Do you or someone you know do this?  I feel like I am constantly going over things that need to be done or having a conversation with myself.  It's not as sad as it sounds, or is it?  Anyway, this brings me to this blog post.  I have decided to share my ramblings with you.  I got the idea from Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes and Kisha Jaggers' Friday Letters.  Some of my stuff will be personal, a lot of it will be sarcasm, and I'm sure some of it will not make sense.  If you have anything you'd like to add or have ever thought the same things please let me know so I don't feel quite as crazy!

I'd like to thank the large truck that completely drove, very fast, though the stop sign this morning as I was taking my son to school.  He will be getting his permit in a month and this was a good lesson for him to see that you have to watch out for other drivers.  Oh and SLOW DOWN.

Why won't our mailbox stay closed?  Why is it so deformed it has to be crooked and stay open.  On the positive side, I can see if the mail has come yet just by driving by.

I wish I could motivate myself to excercise.  I know I need to, I actually would like to, but I don't.

(While watching a video by Happily A Housewife)  I don't buy all organic either.  I hadn't thought much about her shopping hauls but I'm guessing she gets a lot of comments.  To each her own.  I really don't think we need to worry about others and what they purchase.  Come on peoples!

Why, dear local store, do you have 10 lanes but the one you choose to have open is the furhterest from the door and from, well, EVERYTHING in the store?

I want dessert, mainly Andy's (local frozen custard).  I have this thought quite often.

(While watching Clean My Space vlog at the International Home & Housewares Show)  I need a Pumie.  Look it up.

Sometimes I'm tired of friendships going only one way.  Seriously, it won't hurt you to send a text now and then that says "hi" or ask me about lunch.

Why does my phone decide to keep freezing?  I realize it's not an expensive top of the line phone but STOP FREEZING.

One day I will catch up on laundry.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I'm thankful the side door at work was open today since it was raining.  The boss decided we needed to park further away from the door, which sucks if it's anything but sunny and warm.  

Beauty items go fast on Hautelook.  Maybe others do too but I'm not worried about those.

I wish I could remember to wear lipstick every day.

Wondering if I could finish the entire bag of Twizzlers.  

What should I blog about, is anyone even interested, will anyone read it?

I could really use a cleaning fairy.  One that won't judge me.

I do not need any more washi tape.  No matter how many videos I watch showing cute ones.

I really want some of those shirts that have the thumb holes.  Where can I get those?  I should google it.

I seriously have too many videos in my watch later cue.  Work really gets in the way.

Well, those are a few ramblings for your entertainment.  Let me know if you like this concept for if you think it needs to go.  I won't be offended either way, I promise.  Thanks for reading!