Sites I Use to Save/Earn

There are so many sites out there that you can go to and earn points or save a percentage here and there.  I never know which ones to "trust" and I easily get overwhelmed by all of the options.  

I finally have started using a few sites that I've heard good recommendations on so I thought I would share some with you.

I've used Swagbucks for quite a while.  I honestly don't use it to the full potential though.  Swagbucks is a web search engine that you can use to earn "bucks" based on searches.  You can also fill out surveys, take a daily poll, purchase products through them for points, print out coupons and more.  I use it to do all of my searches and earn most of my points that way.  I will also do the polls when I remember and I print out coupons on the site.  The coupons are actually the same ones that are found on Coupons dot com but if you print them via Swagbucks you'll get 10 bucks for each one you redeem.  If you're going to use them anyway, might as well get those points.  I save up the bucks and trade them in for gift cards.  There are a lot of things to choose from but those are what I'd like the most.  Last time I used them for Game Stop gift cards for my boys as Christmas gifts.  It was so easy and completely free!

This is a more recent addition for me.  It always sounded like one of those spammy type things.  I've heard quite a few people that are on this though and completely recommend it.  Ebates works kind of like Swagbucks only you earn actual money.  However, it is based on what you spend.  This would be perfect for someone that loves to do online shopping.  I'm don't do a ton of online shopping but I'm looking to do a little more.  Ebates pays on a quarterly schedule so you do have to wait a bit but you're not really out anything while you're waiting.  The payments are based on a percentage of what you purchase and can vary based on the site.  You do have to sign up to use the site but it's free with no strings.  There are a ton of stores to choose from so any time you're thinking of purchasing, check Ebates first!

I learned about this site from watching beauty videos on YouTube.  A lot of the "gurus" on there purchase products at a discount through Hautelook.  They post new deals every day of anything from fashion, beauty, home decor and kids items.  The deals do expire in a few days so you catch it while you can.  But they do bring the deals back in the future so there is a chance you can catch it again.  You have to become a member, but membership is free and there's no strings attached.  They also have an app you could use to check on the deals as they come in. 

Technically you can use all three of these sites together.  Definitely Ebates and Hautelook and earn money while saving money, sounds perfect to me!

Do you currently have any of these sites?  What are your thoughts?  Do you have any others like this you love to use?  Let me know!

(If you sign up via the links in this blog I will earn referral points/credit but I'm not affiliated with any of these, feel free to go directly to the sites if you do not wish to use my link)

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