Wal-Mart Clearance & Dollar Tree Hauls

Can you tell I love shopping?  But I also love saving money and looking at dollar items or clearance items makes me very happy.  I thought I would show you some stuff I was excited to find at Wal-Mart & Dollar Tree and let you know what I was doing with them.  

First of all I was pretty excited to find some good "planner supplies" in the Wal-Mart clearance aisle. 
I was able to get some cute craft tape, it's a little large but it was 25¢ so I couldn't resist.  It says CRAZY GOOD.  The original price on this was $3.97.  I found a couple rolls of washi tape for 10¢ each so I had to get that.  It isn't my favorite pattern but IT WAS TEN CENTS, down from the original price of $2.88.  Then I found the cute decorunner, it's like white out but clear with a cute design on it.  This one has multi-color arrows.  It was only $1, original price was $3.97.  I had to watch this at the register because it came through as full price!  Always check the prices!!  Last I found these Sharpie Clear View highlighters.  I had looked at these previously because I had a coupon but I didn't want to pay $5.97.  However, when I found this on clearance for $2 and with my $1 off coupon I was able to get this for only $1.  Score!

What sweet deals have you found at Wal-Mart clearance?  I always take coupons for shampoo brands because there is usually something on sale as far as that goes.  Last time I got a Clear brand shampoo for 50¢. 

After watching a ton of YouTube videos on Dollar Tree hauls, whether it be makeup or organization, I have been trying to find something awesome at my store.  We actually have 3 in my city but they are pretty spread out.  I normally only go to a certain one but I decided to try out another one in hopes of finding something great.  I did find some things but I'll still be on the hunt for more. 

The baby gift bags I got will be taken to my church and donated to our ministry that takes handmade baby blankets and casseroles to families with new babies.  The bags were super cute and we needed more anyway. 

I ended up getting a dish tub that I'm going to use under my kitchen sink to organize, a basket that I'm going to put in my hall closet for beach towels.  I'm not sure what the cute little blue tubs will be used for so if you have any ideas, let me know in the comments.  There were four in the package and they are a good size for small things, I just can't decide exactly what!

I got some silver, very glitter, nail polish I thought might be good for an accent nail and some teal chevron headphones cause my son keeps stealing mine.  We'll see if the color and design will keep him away this time.

I picked up some poly file folders that will hold up better than paper ones and I think I'm going to put these in my bag to take with me on the go.  I also am thinking about getting some cute duct tape (which can also be found at the dollar store) and making pockets out of them for receipts and such.  I also grabbed some nice poly dividers.  I don't have a specific idea in mind for these but they'll last longer than paper and I'm sure I'll come up with something.  I'm hoping to do a lot more organizing soon!

I finally got some round cake pans and marbles, which I'm stealing and idea I saw on DoItOnADime and creating a lazy susan for our spices.

Have you found anything good at your dollar store?  I keep seeing some people get some awesome makeup deals but I can't seem to find much at my store.  I do commit to keep looking though!  

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