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If you're like me you're always looking for some freebies and new things to try.  Some things that I come across seem too good to be true and they actually are.  I'm just never sure if I should try something or not.  And I absolute hate it when they start asking me all these questions which will result in junk mail or spam emails that I do not want.  

I came across Pinch Me, and I'm not even sure how.  I really wish I could remember.  It's marketed as "try before you buy" and they say you can pick 4 samples and have them sent to you for free.  Samples are released on certain days so there aren't constantly samples to pick from.  Then you can leave feedback after you've tried the products.  You're suppose to earn rewards after you leave feedback.  I can't find exactly what those rewards are yet so that makes me a little nervous but I am getting free products.  One bad thing I have noticed is I get occasional emails from them trying to get me to sign up or go to the companies that will pay "for taking surveys".  Some of those are good, some are not, I'm just not interested in that right now so I delete them right away.

I received my first box mid-February.  Some other posts from others I saw got the same thing that I did.  I'm not sure if that is a pattern or not.  We got a sample of Gevilia Coffee, a Mr Sketch scented marker, an Expo ultra fine point dry erase marker and a good size sample of Olay body wash plus some coupons.

The Gevalia coffee (House Blend) is something that my husband will try.  I'm not really a coffee drinker so that didn't excite me.  I have heard good things about this brand and flavor so when my husband finally gets around to trying it I'm sure he'll like it.  They sent a 50ยข off coupon and you know how I love my coupons!

My son was very excited about the Mr. Sketch marker.  It's kind of hard to tell how good they are when you only get one marker.  I'm thankful it was a color he likes and not too girlie.  We didn't notice a ton of scent but there was some.  He took control of this item and it's now officially his.  It was pigmented and works like you would want a marker to work.

I was excited to see the Expo ultra fine point dry erase marker.  I love the Expo markers but didn't realize they had an ultra fine point.  I use the regular fine point on my weekly calendar.  This one didn't show up as well, I think mostly because of my color pattern, so I'm not able to use it for that; but it's great to use for lists.

The Olay body wash was nice to get.  The sample was bigger than most samples like you would get in a subscription box (3oz).  I love the scent of of it (Cooling White Strawberry & Mint).  The soap works just like it should, lathers well and cleans.  Can't expect much more.  They also sent a $1 off coupon so that was sweet.

If you notice in the picture there is also a wine voucher for $100.  I was really leery of this and honestly will not use it.  For one thing you have to spend $160 to use it.  I also found out if you order from Staples they put them in the shipping box.  Um...ok.  Not really feeling special on that one.  I just thought it was odd.

If you're interested in PinchMe just go here.  It's easy to sign up and totally free.  There's no reason not to do it.  New samples are being released April 14th!

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